Welcome to Kina Africa!

We are an innovative socially-responsible business devoted to changing lives and bringing the highest-quality shea nut butter to the global market. We are proud to support fair trade and the overall well-being of the women who transform natural shea nuts into shea butter. We give 1% of our profit to improve the quality of life of our women employees in Ghana, Africa.

About Us

Kina means “wealth” in an African language. Kina Africa is focused on sustainable resource production and the sale of high-quality, traditional, handcrafted shea butter for the global market.

What Makes Us Special

Our mission is simple; we put a smile on our women business partners and help them benefit financially from the global trade of shea butter.

Our Products

Kina Africa, through its branch in Ghana, produces and sources various kinds of shea butter ranging from organic, unrefined shea butter to regular shea butter.

Organic Certified Shea Butter:

  • unrefined, traditional, handcrafted shea butter
  • refined, handcrafted shea butter
Regular Shea Butter:

  • unrefined, traditional, handcrafted shea butter
  • refined, traditional, handcrafted shea butter

Quality Assurance

Kina Africa understands the need for high-quality natural products on the global market and also knows that the average consumer looks for high-quality, sustainable, socially responsible and ethical sources for the products that they use.

Whether you are a business or a consumer, Kina Africa’s goal is to connect every entity to promote socially responsible sourcing. Kina is not only about fair trade but improving the quality of life of the women who are involved in our shea supply chain.

Shea butter is considered “women’s gold” yet the hard laborers are often left out. Kina Africa is the voice of the women who work tirelessly to make shea butter. Through Kina’s partnership with women cooperatives, we are bridging the poverty gap for these women one day at a time through our collaboration.

We can supply any quantity for your business needs. Contact us here for large quantities. We have competitive prices and discounts for bulk purchases.


The protection of the ecosystem and the well-being of the women cooperatives is one of the core values of Kina Africa in all the areas of the shea supply chain. Environmentally-friendly and hazard-free working conditions are the key attributes of Kina Africa. We require the reconciliation of environmental, social, and economic demands of a sustainable business.

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