The Company

Kina Africa is a registered limited liability company with its main office in New York City, New York, U.S.A., and a subsidiary office in Daboya in northern Ghana, West Africa. Founded in 2015, we believe that a business can and should produce social good and also contribute to the socio-economic sustainability of communities.

Raw Unrefined Organic Shea Butter

We are an innovative socially-responsible business devoted to changing lives and bringing the highest-quality shea nut butter to the global market. We are proud to support fair trade and the overall well-being of the women who transform natural shea nuts into shea butter. We give 1% of our profit to improve the quality of life of the women shea suppliers in Ghana, West Africa.

shea nuts and a bowl of shea butter, top view, cropped

Due to the high demand for our products, Kina Africa also partners with over ten women cooperatives with over 500 women and shea butter companies to be able to meet the demand of our customers on the global market.

What Makes Us Special

Kina means “wealth” in an African language. Kina Africa is focused on sustainable resource production and the sale of high-quality, traditional, handcrafted shea butter for the global market.

Natural Moisturizing Shea Butter in Ghana

Kina Africa is a social enterprise to empower women who work in the shea butter supply business. The main goal is to improve the lives of those women. Through our branch in Ghana, we produce and source various kinds of shea butter ranging from organic, unrefined shea butter to regular shea butter.

Our mission is simple; we put a smile on our women business partners and help them benefit financially from the global trade of shea butter.