Frequently asked questions about shea butter and its uses.

What makes Kina Africa unique?

Our mission encompasses revolutionizing the way shea butter is bought and sold worldwide Kina Africa international is a unique social enterprise that is also a commercial entity that sells high-quality, unrefined shea butter products. We support shea butter producers in northern Ghana, Africa, by paying them living wages and providing the shea butter cooperatives that we work with funding, health insurance, and training. Unlike other shea butter skincare manufacturers, we want to ensure that shea butter producers have a voice. We do this by educating consumers and by having shea butter producers represent their issues and concerns within the global marketplace.

Are Kina Africa’s products organic?

Kina Africa products feature natural, organic shea butter produced in small batches using traditional methods. Our products do not contain manufactured chemicals or pesticides. Currently, our products are not certified due to the high costs. Kina Africa has a western Africa branch (Kina Ghana) that works with cooperatives, and many cannot afford the high cost of USDA organic certification.

Are the ingredients in Kina Africa’s products tested on animals?

Kina Africa products, including each of its ingredients, are not tested on animals.

What is the company stance regarding parabens and are they used in your products?

Kina Africa considers parabens unsafe. Our products are paraben-free and do not contain manufactured chemicals.

What is the shelf life of Kina Africa’s products?

Shea Body Balm: 18 months

Black Soap: 2 years (This product will be available soon.)

Can all skin types use Kina Africa’s products?

Our products can benefit anyone who wants soft, supple, healthy skin, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age. The only exception would be somebody who has a latex allergy. If you have a latex allergy, please consult a physician before using shea butter.

Do Kina Africa’s products contain sunscreen?

The phytosterols in shea butter contain cinnamic acid esters which can act as a natural ultraviolet (sunlight) protectant. It provides protection at approximately SPF 6. However, our products are not sunscreen products and should not be used as a replacement for sunscreen.

I have eczema, psoriasis, or severely dry skin. Will Kina Africa’s products help?

Shea butter has been proven to be effective in the treatment of various skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis and in some cases rosacea. We have customers who have successfully treated these conditions using our products exclusively as a natural alternative to medicated creams. (Note: Generally, people with skin conditions usually opt for unscented skin care products.)

I want to learn more about Kina Africa’s products. How can I acquire more information?

To learn more about our products, please visit the About Us page.

I want to submit a testimonial. Where do I send it?

Customers can submit either written or video-recorded testimonials. All testimonials should include your name and location. Include your written testimony in the body of an email and send it to If submitting a video testimonial, upload it to YouTube, then email the video URL to us at the address above.

Where are Kina Africa’s products sold?

Our products are sold at select natural markets, independent retailers, and on our website. We also supply wholesale to other businesses, and we support small business.

What is the company’s return policy?

We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with our merchandise beyond the point of sale. Merchandise may be returned within 30 days of purchase when accompanied by the following:

  • Original receipt/packing slip
  • All original packaging

Refunds will be processed based on the original form of payment. The following items cannot be returned:

  • Product samples
  • Individual products purchased as part of a set. The entire set must be returned.

The return address:

1018 Main Street

P.O. Box 203

Fishkill, New York 12524

If a package is returned to our warehouse, you will be issued a refund for the amount of the order minus $7.00 (UPS re-routing fee). If you choose to have your package reshipped, there will be a $13.95 charge ($7.00 re-routing fee and $6.95 shipping fee). While we are unable to process new orders via the return process, please place another order online, if you wish to replace the item.

For your protection, and to ensure prompt delivery, we recommend that you send your return via UPS or insured Parcel Post. Please note that return shipping fees are not refundable and are the responsibility of the customer. Your refund will be processed based on the original form of payment (minus return shipping and handling fees).